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Auto CAD

Lately I have been using Auto Cad quite a bit.  The once daunting program now flows smoothly as I bring my designs to life.  Today I thought I would share a few of the drawings I have completed in CAD.  This project was for a small family that likes to entertain.  The couple's college age son is wheelchair bound, so the home needed to follow strict guidelines to be wheelchair accessible.

The furniture placement and selections make wheelchair integration and manueverability seemless.

Lighting is essential to a good design.  Making a lighting, power and communication plan provides much needed technical information.

I love watching a design progress.  The next image is an Exterior Elevation.  Elevations convey details you can't see in plan view.

Color renderings add so much personality to a design.
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Style Creation; A mix of Egyptian, Greek, and Art Deco styles

Hand Renderings By: Emily Henry

Egyptian, Greek, and Art Deco historical styles may seem at first to be worlds apart, but upon closer inspection you’ll find many common characteristics.  Egyptian, Greek, and Art Deco styles all have a strong geometric presence.  Popular motifs such as the guilloche, palmette, and wave can be found overlapping these time periods.  I chose to combine these three styles into one new style oozing with luxury even a god could appreciate.

For the Love of Design,

Emily Henry