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Friday, October 13, 2017

Auto CAD

Lately I have been using Auto Cad quite a bit.  The once daunting program now flows smoothly as I bring my designs to life.  Today I thought I would share a few of the drawings I have completed in CAD.  This project was for a small family that likes to entertain.  The couple's college age son is wheelchair bound, so the home needed to follow strict guidelines to be wheelchair accessible.

CAD Drawing By:  Emily Henry

The furniture placement and selections make wheelchair integration and manueverability seemless.

Furniture Plan By: Emily Henry

Lighting is essential to a good design.  Making a lighting, power and communication plan provides much needed technical information.

Lighting, Power, and Communication Plan By: Emily Henry

I love watching a design progress.  The next image is an Exterior Elevation.  Elevations convey details you can't see in plan view.

Exterior Elevation By:  Emily Henry

Color renderings add so much personality to a design.

Color Rendering By:  Emily Henry